How Much Should You Pay For A Website?

Sep 20, 2016

The vast majority of our clients start off with a single question in mind.

“How much is this going to cost me?”

The thing is, I don’t blame them! They’ve worked hard for that money, and to spend a considerable portion of that on something intangible might seem an odd thing to do. The thing is, the cost of a website can vary considerably. Ask one agency and they might say a few hundred dollars. Ask another agency and you could be looking at several thousand. How are you to distinguish between a good deal and a deal too good to be true?

There are several factors and considerations that determine the final cost of a website, and I will only touch on two, but it ultimately comes down to how much you’re willing to spend, and understanding that not all websites are created equally.

Things that affect the cost of a website



We get to hear a lot of stories from business owners who have experienced the ‘$500 Website’ offers, and they’re consistently left desiring more. More care, more attention to detail, more integration of their branding with the other website elements, more, more, more. Unfortunately, they’ve been promised the world and instead received something virtually unusable.

Experience doesn’t come hand-in-hand with those types of offerings, because experience doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it happen for $30 an hour. Websites are more than just design. They’re about user-experience, compliant code, quality written content with powerful calls-to-action, engaging graphics and a focus on ease-of-use for the end-user, as well as SEO-friendly tags and keywords throughout. These components are what makes a website successful and effective. Ensure the team you hire has experts capable of executing all of those aspects with care.


Features and Components

If you have an idea of what functions or features you want on your website, conveying those inclusions over to your website developer is vital in obtaining an accurate quote.

I’ve had clients in the past mention their need for X & Y features to be included in their new website several weeks into development. It’s not impossible to add them in, but when I sent through the additional fee to make it happen, I wouldn’t call them happy. In a way, I understand it. They believed that those features were nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse to make happen, so why would they think it would cost any extra? Why wouldn’t I just do it for free?

The thing is, they underestimated the time it took to implement new features outside of the scope of their project, however simple they thought they were. A website may only have two or three pages, but that doesn’t automatically mean it will be cheaper than a site with ten pages.

Letting the team know exactly what you’re after upfront (to the best of your ability and foresight) and before the proposal is drawn up will ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all parties. That isn’t to say that you cannot make changes later in the process, but we do urge you to expect an additional fee be sent your way to make it happen.

So how much should I pay for my website?


At the end of it all, your website represents your business online. With over 60% of consumers doing their research online before making a purchase decision, having a website in today’s world is vital for your businesses success. Conversely, if you already have a website and it’s well past it’s use-by date, it is probably not doing you any favours and some could even be damaging to your online reputation. After all, you could be viewed as out of touch with the evolving needs of today’s consumers.

When pricing up websites, we have to consider what the website will do for the business in question.

Is it to make online purchases?
Make bookings?
Find information?
Find contact details?

So many variables come into play with business websites, so it’s almost impossible to give an exact answer.

Here are Creative Theory, we advise our clients to expect their websites to cost at least a few thousand, with e-commerce functionality increasing that number by a few more. If that sounds like too much, try viewing it as your very cheap, highly effective sales representative.

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